Dec. 16th, 2005

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At this point, all 13 ordered episodes have been filmed. These are spoilers based on the shooting scripts. I found them at fanbolt and spoilerfix. I don't have detailed spoilers for '98 yet, just a description of one character's mood. ETA: Spoilers for 1998 have been added. Now, remember, these episodes might eventually come to DVD, so if you can wait indefinitely, don't click.

1995 )

1996 )

1997 )

1998 )

In Review (Spoiler Summary) )

What E!s Kristin says about Sam's murder )

ETA2 (12/21/2005): Okay. It seems like this post is being linked to from all over, so a lot of people I don't know are swinging by to read it. First off, hi all! If you're new here, would you mind commenting to let me know where you found the link to this post? I haven't posted it anywhere, so I'm just wondering how it got out there. Secondly, this is just a compilation of spoilers (found at spoilerfix and fanbolt) that I posted to my livejournal for easy access after a long Reunion discussion in another (flocked) post. Most of my post are flocked, but I un-flocked this so that a non-LJ friend could read it. I am not the source of these spoilers, and I cannot tell you anything more than what is written above. As for who killed Sam, E! Online's Kristin has promised to tell us the killer's identity, if the show doesn't get picked up by another network. Also, be sure to send a blank e-mail to with the word "Reunion" in the subject line if you'd like to vote for Reunion in E!s Save One Show poll.

ETA3 (01/12/2006): More info from E!s Kristin )

ETA4 (01/17/2006): E!s Kristin announces Killer #1 )

ETA5 (01/23/2005): E!s Kristin reveals other proposed killer and why Craig was in a wheelchair )


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