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At this point, all 13 ordered episodes have been filmed. These are spoilers based on the shooting scripts. I found them at fanbolt and spoilerfix. I don't have detailed spoilers for '98 yet, just a description of one character's mood. ETA: Spoilers for 1998 have been added. Now, remember, these episodes might eventually come to DVD, so if you can wait indefinitely, don't click.

Episode 1.10 - 1995: PRESENT: Something happens to Marjorino in a dark alley that will send him straight to the hospital. Will was on the scene and accompanies the detective in the ambulance. PAST (1995): Sam and Craig set Will up for a blind date with Katherine Clark. The four of them have supper at Sam and Craig's loft. Will and Katherine seem to hit it off. But Will's smile will soon vanish when he learns more about Katherine's family... Carla gets a proposition she can't refuse. Aaron and his wife go to couple's therapy. Jenna learns one of her boyfriend's secrets. Pascale also appears.

September 1995
Craig/Sam, Will/Katherine

Craig and Sam have set Will up with Katherine and they're on a double date. Will and Katherine are hitting it off. Sam and Craig can't help but notice. They talk baseball and Katherine says her father always brought her to Yankee games every change he got, which almost made growing up in politics tolerable. Will tenses up when he realizes her father is in politics. He asks if her father is Congressman Clark, which she confirms. Will shoots a look at Craig.

Moments later, Will leaves the loft, with Katherine chasing after him. She thinks he's the rudest person ever for ditching her in the middle of their date, judging her by her father's name, etc. Instead of defending himself, Will laughs. He's charmed by her tirade and tells her he's never seen anyone so mad look so beautiful. He tells her he has a long history with Craig pulling these kinds of stunts and points out that Craig is trying to find out if her father is running again next year, since Craig wants his congressional seat. Will promises Katherine that politics will never enter their relationship again. Katherine playfully teases him about using the word "relationship." They agree to go have dinner elsewhere.

On a different night, Sam and Craig are observing Will and Katherine. Craig tells Sam she should be proud of herself, since it was her idea to set them up in the first place. At that moment, Will and Katherine join them. Will wonders what they were whispering about and Craig replies that they were just talking about how good Will and Katherine look together. They share a smile, glowing like 'a couple falling madly in love.'

They are then joined by Congressman Clark, Katherine's father. Katherine introduces everyone. Craig tries to kiss ass, only to be ignored in favor of Congressman Clark inviting Will to join him outside for a cigar. Once outside, the Congressman brings up Will serving in Desert Storm and how he thought that was why Will waited to go to college, but he realized Will graduated years before Desert Storm. Will wonders to himself how he'll explain his stint in prison. He mentions working in real estate, only for the Congressman to interrupt and say he's waiting for Will to get to the part where he spent a year in prison for killing a man. He says Will isn't the kind of man he wants his daughter with and tells Will to stay away from Katherine. Will is left wondering when the sacrifice he made for Craig will stop haunting him.

Katherine's father has told her about Will's past. She's heartbroken to learn he was in prison for killing someone. Will tells her she doesn't understand, but he can't explain. Katherine says she knew they were rushing into things but she thought she knew Will. She thanks him for a great week and rushes up the stairs. Will calls out for her to wait and admits he wasn't the one driving the car. He begins to tell her what happened, changing the course of history by telling the biggest secret he's ever had to keep.

Katherine can't believe he would do all that for a friend. Will says it seemed like the perfect solution at the time; he never thought the judge would make an example out of him. Katherine wonders who the friend was -- the one part of the story Will didn't tell her. She thinks it must be someone Will stopped being friends with, because what kind of friend would let Will go to prison for them?

Later Congressman Clark is visiting Craig at his office. He's curious about Craig's plans for the future. Craig is unsure how much he should tell him. He admits he's thought about running for Congress. The Congressman threatens to tell the public about Craig letting Will go to prison for him. Craig is shocked. Craig tries to pass it off as bogus information. The Congressman warns him that he should think twice before he sets up an ex-con with a Congressman's daughter. Craig is left knowing his best friend and Chief of Staff is the person that exposed his dark secret.

At some point, Will asks if Katherine will only be with him if her father likes him and if she listens to everything he says. What Katherine can't possibly realize is this is more than a misunderstanding. This is Will trusting someone outside the circle of friends for the first time and getting burned. Will can't believe she told him after everything they talked about. He tells her there are enough people in his life that he can't trust; he doesn't need one more. He exits the car and watches her drive away.


Jenna's in a hotel room with David (mid-30s, handsome). David asks if she likes the hotel, which she does. He says he's free all afternoon after his kid's t-ball game. Jenna emerges from the bathroom and gets dressed. David's cell phone rings -- it's his wife. Once the call is over, he apologizes, commenting that ever since he got the cell phone his wife can find him everywhere. Jenna comments that she hates those things. David asks if she means cell phones, but she smiles and says she hates wives.

Later, Jenna's waiting in the hotel room for David. She's leaving him a message when the door opens, but it isn't David. It's his wife, Nancy. Nancy confronts Jenna, telling her how she's been married to David for seven years, how they met. She pulls pictures of their kids out of her purse and shows them to Jenna. She wants Jenna to know who she is hurting while she's having fun. Jenna is freaking out. Nancy tells Jenna she isn't the first affair, in case she feels special or anything. Nancy tells her to tell David that dinner is at six and leaves the room.

Jenna and David are back at the hotel room. David apologizes for his wife's behavior. He promises to be more careful and that they'll have to cool it for a few weeks, but then... Jenna asks will they go out in public or to her friend's engagement party? David asks if she's saying she wants more. He says he'll leave his wife for Jenna, but she knows he would go back. Jenna goes on to say she used to think meeting guys like him in places like that made her feel special, but now it just makes her feel bad, and she doesn't want to do it anymore.

Carla/Peter, Aaron/Pascale

Aaron and Pascale are seeing a therapist. Pascale's biggest problem with Aaron is that he'd rather spend time with his friends than her. Aaron says at least he has friends. Pascale argues that she has to raise their two children, while Aaron counters that he runs a multi-million dollar company. Pacale tells the therapist that Aaron's friends are so wrapped up in each other's lives that they are completely co-dependant and everyone else is an outsider. Aaron says he has friends he likes to spend time with and wonders what the big deal is.

Peter and Carla are at the bar, waiting for Aaron and Pascale. They're late. Peter tells Carla how much he loves her and that they should get engaged. Carla asks if he's proposing, which he is. Carla accepts and Peter pulls her into a hug and kiss. They're so overjoyed that they don't notice Aaron and Pascale arriving, frustrated after couples therapy. Peter announces to them that they just got engaged. Pascale is excited; Aaron, not so much.

Later Aaron has returned home to his apartment to find Pascale pacing the floor. She wants to know where he's been. He says he had plans with Jenna. She says if it wasn't Jenna it would have been one of his other friends. Aaron tells her she can't ask him to stop seeing his friends. Pascale agrees, saying they both know who lose.

Carla is grading Peter and Aaron's quizzes on who knows her better. Peter got six out of ten, while Aaron got nine. Aaron cheers that he knows Carla better. Peter laughs good-naturedly and agrees to the deal that loser buys lunch.

Later on, Peter and Carla are walking back to his apartment. She tells him that Sam made reservations for their engagement party. Peter mentions that he always thought two was the perfect number of kids, but now he's thinking maybe three. He asks her what she thinks. She says she guesses three is a good number. Peter makes a mental note of that.

Present Day

Will watches two paramedics strap a neck brace on Marjorino, whose condition has worsened. They lift him onto a gurney and into the ambulance. One of the paramedics comment how lucky it is that Will was in the alley, or else Marjorino would be dead. He then wonders what a priest is doing around there so late. Will doesn't answer and instead asks if he can ride with them. The paramedic agrees, commenting that Marjorino is going to need all the help he can get.

On the way to the hospital, Marjorino's heart stops. The paramedic tells Will to get back as he works on Marjorino. Will can't believe he's watching Marjorino die. After several attempts, he continues to flatline, but soon has a pulse again. The paramedic notices a Saint Christopher medal around Marjorino's neck and points out that he's probably Catholic. He tells Will he might want to give Marjorino his last rites. The paramedic explains that he restarted his heart but he can't stop the bleeding. Will doesn't know if he's ready to do it but, murder investigation and game of cat-and-mouse aside, he is a priest and Marjorino is a dying man. Will makes the sign of the cross and begins to perform the deathbed ritual.

Episode 1.11 - 1996: PRESENT: Craig's mother recently passed away. We learn who was in the car that hit Marjorino. PAST: Katherine and Will are ready to take their relationship to another level. Carla and Jenna are at Sam's house where they talk about Katherine and Will among other things. At the hospital, Sam talks to a doctor about Peter's not-so-good test results. Single father Aaron has to take care of 13-month-old Noelle and five-year-old Chloe and also cope with work. Craig's father Russell and Craig's son Henry also appear.

Will and Craig

Katherine tells Will not to be nervous and assures him her father will give them his blessing. Will is skeptical that the man who threatened him and tried to run him off is going to sign off on their getting married. Katherine tells Will that he won and her father knows she's never been happier in her life.

After a meeting with Congressman Clark, Craig is driving while his father reads over documents. Craig complains that they didn't accomplish anything and that he could have won them over if Russell hadn't cut him off. Russell is dubious, reminding Craig that he practically froze when Will showed up. Craig says he was just surprised to see Will. He suggests they go back and take another shot with Clark, or else Craig will spend the rest of his career running Clark's errands. Russell asks if Craig can handle himself around Will. Craig replies that he can handle it, but can Russell?

Will is at the Congressman's lodge with Congressman Clark. He asks where Russell and Craig are, to which Clark informs him they called it a day, before asking the whereabouts of his daughter. Will says Katherine is taking a shower and will be down soon.

It sounds as though at some point the guys go hunting and something goes wrong, because Will and Katherine are in the woods, retracing the hunting party's steps. Will yells for Craig, asking where he is. Craig replies that he's 'down here.'


It's Aaron's first day as a single father and it's on the verge of becoming too much to handle. Thirteen month old Noelle is making a mess of her breakfast and Aaron has to rescue his presentation notes while he finishes throwing together a sack lunch. Five year old Chloe walks into the kitchen, still dressed in her pajamas, and complains about her cereal being soggy. Aaron replies that he thought she would have been dressed and in the kitchen five minutes ago. Chloe complains about Aaron not letting her pour the milk, like Pascale does. Aaron tells her they don't have time and that they'll be leaving as soon as the sitter arrives. Cue the sitter calling to tell him she's sick and can't make it.

Aaron scrambles into his office, late for a meeting. He passes Noelle over to his assistant, Brian, who has no idea what to do with a kid. Aaron tells Brian to watch Noelle and that a friend is on the way to take over, then heads for the conference room.

Aaron is in the middle of his meeting. He's far more comfortable in business mode than he used to be. As he's talking, he hears crying and notices Noelle crawling outside the door, completely unattended. He excuses himself and scoops up Noelle, when Brian returns. He's losing it, swamped with ringing phones, FedEx deliveries and rescheduling meetings. Aaron tells him that you can't take your eyes off a toddler. Brian defends himself by saying if he wanted an assistant that liked kids, he should have hired a woman. Aaron retorts that he tried that once and it didn't work out. Brian wants to know where Aaron's friend is, when said friend appears. Jenna tells Aaron how sorry she is about Pascale and asks what he needs. Aaron tries to hand over Noelle, to which Jenna's eyes widen in horror. She had thought he called needing someone to get drunk with or a shoulder to cry on. Aaron tells her that the sitter was sick, he couldn't reach Carla, Sam had rounds... Jenna tells him she's his girl when it comes to relationships ending, not babies.

Later Aaron finds Chloe crying. She wants to know if her mommy hates her. When Aaron reassures her of course not, Chloe wants to know when Pascale is coming home. Aaron tells her that mommy and daddy are trying to work things out and until then, Noelle is going to need her big sister. He then scoops Chloe up and tells her he loves her.


Early morning rush hour at the Brewster's loft. Sam's cleaning up breakfast and getting five year old hellraiser Henry ready for school. Carla shows Jenna pictures of her recent ski vacation with Will and Katherine, commenting that "Watherine," as she calls them, are meant for each other. Jenna wonders if they'll have a real wedding or run off to Atlantic City one weekend without inviting anyone. Carla defends herself, pointing out that it was Peter's idea since his family was driving them crazy. Carla points out that once Will is married, Jenna will be the last one standing. Jenna rolls her eyes, retorting that just because she's done breaking up marriages doesn't mean she's ready to start one. Suddenly Sam notices Henry filling Jenna's expensive purse full of Play-Doh and cranberry juice. Sam and Carla try to stop him, but the damage is done. Jenna motions to Henry and asks Carla if she really wants a kid. Carla sarcastically replies that tracking her cycle, taking her temperature and going to a fertility specialist is just fun for her.

Later, Sam's at the hospital when Dr. Monroe asks to talk about her referral, Peter Holland. Dr. Monroe hands over his test results, knowing Peter and Carla are close friends of Sam's. Sam is shocked by the results and asks for it to be run again, along with a full battery, and to put a rush on it. Dr. Monroe agrees and leaves Sam to deal with the bad news.

Present Day

Craig tells Russell that he isn't the one that needs protecting and that someone is angry that Marjorino is coming after Craig; someone that just lost his mother and doesn't want to lose his father... At that moment, fifteen year old Henry emerges from his bedroom. He's much more like Sam that Craig: shy, still growing into his body. He's oblivious to what they're discussing. Henry greets his Grandpa and, when asked, tells him he's feeling okay. Craig motions for Henry to sit with them so they can talk about what happened with the car. By the guilty look on his face, we know it was Craig's son who was behind the wheel of the car that hit Marjorino.

Episode 1.12 - 1997: PRESENT: We have no information about the present. PAST (1997): Jenna has been living at Aaron's house for the past year to help him with the girls. Aaron allows Pascale to see their daughters for a weekend. He'll have to meet with lawyers in order to keep custody of the Chloe and Noelle. Carla is by Peter's hospital bedside as he is battling leukemia. Carla tries to gather the needed money for the bone marrow transplant that could save Peter. Katherine and Will are still together. Craig, Jenna, Sam, and Henry also appear.


Pascale has returned the girls to Aaron after their weekend together. They greet Aaron, then run to greet Jenna. Pascale comments that the weekend was too short; Aaron looks at Jenna and agrees. He goes on to tell her that he has plans for the girls next weekend, but Pascale can have them the weekend after that. Pascale tells she didn't mean she wanted another weekend -- she wants the girls back permanently.

Aaron sits at a desk with Will and Maureen Young, Will's associate at the law office. Maureen reviews her notes based on what Will told her about Aaron's case: how over a year ago, Pascale walked out on him and the girls, then returned a few months ago and was allowed visitation by Aaron, but now she's seeking full custody. Aaron nods, admitting he never thought it would come to this. Maureen tells him the next step is for both parties to agree on a mediator and if everyone's reasonable, they'll settle everything quickly, maybe by the end of the week. Will tells Aaron he's in good hands. An assistant interrupts, informing them at Pascale and her lawyer have arrived.

Aaron and Will are with Maureen, as well as Pascale and her lawyer, Neil Berkman. They're going over a list of mediators. Neil announces that Pascale has changed her mind about mediation; instead she'll be returning to France and shared custody would no longer be an option. He goes on to say that if Aaron doesn't cede full custody to Pascale right now, they'll have to take it to court. Aaron is floored and tries to talk to Pascale, but her lawyer won't let him. Aaron is furious and Will tries to calm him down. Neil also adds that child support will be an issue, so Aaron's accounts will be frozen until they can agree on a payment schedule. Maureen agrees with that. Neil and Pascale leave. Aaron wonders what the hell that was about, to which Maureen informs him it was gamesmanship and that they are trying to scare him.

Will and Katherine have joined Aaron and Jenna at Aaron's apartment for dinner. Aaron and Jenna watch as Katherine feeds Will Chinese food and roll their eyes with mock-disgust. Aaron jokes that he misses the old Will that was sad and angry, wondering if a guy that happy can be the shark he needs for his case. Will points out that Aaron and Jenna don't seem so unhappy themselves. The doorbell rings and Jenna, expecting eggrolls, answers the door. Instead of a delivery person, Jenna is served with a subpoena from Pascale's lawyer to testify at the hearing.

Family Court. Jenna is being questioned by Neil. Aaron sits with Will and Maureen, with Sam and Craig in the gallery behind him. Neil points out that Jenna has been living with Aaron for the past year to help with the girls. He asks if Aaron is incapable of caring for them on his own. Jenna disagrees, saying he's the most loving, capable and committed father she's ever seen. Neil asks Jenna if she's sleeping with Aaron. Maureen and Will jump to their feet, with Maureen objecting that Jenna's personal life has nothing to do with Aaron's ability as a father. Neil retorts that he's establishing the kind of home-life Aaron has created for the children. Jenna is forced to answer the question and admits they have an intimate relationship. She turns to Aaron and mouths that she's sorry.

Afterwards, Maureen is reading Aaron the riot act, demanding to know why he didn't tell her he was sleeping with Jenna. Aaron didn't think it was important. He wants to know how to fix this. Maureen tells him he has to let her go after Pascale, but he's unconvinced.

Maureen is questioning Aaron about Pascale and how they met. She asks how Aaron reacted when Pascale told him she was pregnant from their one night stand in Prague. Aaron admits that Pascale didn't tell him until Chloe was three. Maureen points out if she had a fiance, how does Aaron know Chloe is really his daughter. Pascale's lawyer objects that paternity has never been in dispute and Maureen withdraws the question. She instead switches topics to Pascale walking out on them and asks if Aaron thinks that's something a fit mother would do. Aaron doesn't think so. He isn't proud of his answer, but the gloves are off. Maureen wonders if Pascale somehow won custody of the girls, how long before she walked out on them again. As the Judge considers this, Pascale hangs her head, wounded.

Pascale decides to drop the suit against Aaron. She asks if perhaps she can still see the girls on the weekends. Aaron tells her of course she can.


Peter and Carla are at the hospital. Peter is still battling leukemia. Dr. Rothstein, Peter's oncologist, informs them that the chemo isn't working well enough. Carla is more angry than sad. Peter tries to calm her down. Dr. Rothstein tells them that bone marrow transplants have been very effective in treating cancers like Peter's. Carla asks what would happen if that didn't work. The doctor suggests they focus on the positive. Peter tells Carla not to worry and that everything will be fine. She smiles, loving how positive he is, but finding it hard to be the only realist in the relationship.

Carla is talking to Gary, a medical claims officer at TransHealth, about Peter's case. Peter's been turned down for a bone marrow transplant, but Carla is determined. Gary tells her it just isn't cost-effective for them to cover such experimental procedures. Carla argues that it's her husband's last chance to live. Gary offers her a box of tissues, then says maybe there's a way to position her appeal so his bosses would approve it. He hands Carla his business card with his home phone number written on the back, suggesting they talk about it over dinner or drinks. Carla realizes he wants her to sleep with him in order to push Peter's claim through. Gary argues that she's just upset and he never said that. Carla tells him he should be ashamed of himself and that she would never do such a thing. She'll find a way to pay for her husband's procedure without his help. She leaves, devastated and disgusted.

Carla asks Aaron for the money to pay for Peter's procedure. He tells her that unfortunately he's unable to give it to her, due to Pascale freezing his assets.

Carla is in a church. She lights a candle, then kneels in a pew and begins speaking to God. She says that maybe she's a hypocrite, someone who only comes to church when she needs something, but her husband is really sick. She talks about how Peter's a great guy, so sweet and perfect, and that she loves him and can't lose him. She composes herself, then asks to be forgiven for what she's about to do. She takes out the insurance guy's business card, flips it over, looks at his home phone number on the back...

Gary's business card lies on a night stand in a hotel room. Carla sits on the edge of the bed, putting on her shoes, while Gary straightens his tie in the mirror. Carla asks for the document. Gary retrieves it from his briefcase and hands it to her. She looks it over, then hands it back, telling him to sign it. Gary asks why she's being so cold. Carla ignores him, demands that he signs the papers again. He signs the papers and Carla confirms that TransHealth will cover every penny of Peter's treatment. Gary says it will. Carla tells him she hopes to God she never sees him again, then leaves the hotel room.

In the hallway, she contemplating what she has just done, when her cell phone rings. It's Aaron, calling to tell her that Pascale's dropped the case and now he can give her the money for Peter's procedure. Carla thanks him, but informs him that the insurance just came through.


Jenna and Sam are at the park, talking, while Henry, Chloe and Noelle play in the background. Sam asks how the girls are taking Pascale suing Aaron for custody. Jenna says they don't really know what's going on. She admits that she loves the girls and it would hurt her almost as much as it would hurt Aaron if they couldn't see them anymore. Sam agrees, saying that you don't have to give birth to a child to love her like your own. Jenna asks if she really believes that. Sam says she has to; if she didn't think Meghan was a good mother to Amy, she could never forgive herself for the choices she's made. Jenna asks if Sam will ever tell Will that he's Amy's father. Sam says it's too late for that. Craig would never forgive her and she's done enough to mess up Will's life.

Although there aren't any details, Will finally learns the truth about Amy.

Not much spoilage for this episode yet. All I know is that Will is pretty upset in 1998. It appears that Amy has died (but I can't tell from the current spoilers if she died before he found out about her or after.) I think this explains his comment to the kid at Sam's grave about knowing what it's like to lose someone and miss her everyday.


Will is in his office, talking to is P.I., as he marks off towns on the map he has hanging on the wall. The P.I. tells him there is no sign of Amy anywhere and reminds Will that it's been almost a year that they have been looking for her. Will says they'll keep looking as long as she's out there. The P.I. tells him to at least get a new map, but Will argues that the map won't come down until they find Amy. He informs the P.I. that he has a meeting downtown and the P.I. leaves the office, with Will following him. As he walks down the street, Sam hurries out of a doorway and falls into step beside him. It takes a moment for Will to notice her; when he does, his expression quickly turns to anger.

Somehow Carla gets an address for Amy. Will and Sam decide to take a trip to see her.

It's late at night. Sam and Will are still on the road. She suggests they stop to sleep, but Will says he isn't tired. Sam asks if he's just going to wake Amy up at three in the morning and if that's how he wants to reunite with her. Will doesn't say anything. Sam suggests he turn around and go back to the motel they passed. She tells him that he's waited twelve years; he can wait one more day.

Sam and Will walk into the Mom and Pop type motel and ask if there's a vacancy. The old man behind the counter asks if they want a king, queen or two twin beds in the room. Will says they need two rooms. The old man says he thought they were married and teases them about having that 'married look.' It's an awkward moment. The man hands them the keys to their rooms: adjoining, in case they change their minds.

The next morning, Will and Sam arrive at the address they have for Amy and Meghan. They look at the house numbers as they get closer. Will remarks that he didn't feel this nervous when he was dodging bullets in Kuwait. Sam tells him it will be fine. When they get to 114, the next lot where 116 should be is the foundation of a house in progress. The next house is 118. Will and Sam are stunned. Sam checks the address and wonders if Carla got the wrong information.

Will and Sam enter the Sheriff's office. Will tells the Sheriff they are looking for Meghan and Amy, explains how there is nothing at there at the address they have. The Sheriff asks who they are and Will informs him that he is Amy's father, Sam is her mother. The Sheriff is reluctant to tell them anything at first, saying there was a man who came around a few months ago claiming to be Amy's father as well. They realize he must be talking about Paul and asks what the Sheriff told him. The Sheriff explains there was a fire eight months ago: Meghan and Amy died of smoke inhalation. Will and Sam are shocked. Will doesn't believe the Sheriff and asks for proof. The Sheriff reluctantly takes a file out of his cabinet and hands it over to Will. He suggests that Sam doesn't look at it. Will opens the folder and sees a series of crime scene photos; charred wood, firefighters cleaning up the scene...the bodies of a woman and child clinging to each other. There's no doubt that it's Meghan and Amy.

Will and Sam drive back home. Sam says they will need to tell Carla what happened and maybe they could do it together. Will tells her there is no 'together' for them; Amy's gone, there's nothing to talk about. Sam replies that she thought Will had forgiven her. Will says he never got a chance to know his daughter and now she's dead. He'll never forgive that.

Craig's Party/Aaron and Jenna

Craig's 30th birthday party is in full swing. Aaron's have a blast, but Craig's heart isn't in it. He tells Aaron he appreciates that he and Jenna came to the party. Aaron tells him to mix it up, then goes out to demonstrate. Craig is approached by Courtney, who works at his office. She's very young, very sexy, and already buzzed. She introduces herself as one of his interns and tells him what an honor it is to work for him. Craig modestly thanks her. Courtney tells him how her friends make fun of her for having a crush on him. Craig is flattered. Courtney places his hand on her chest, serious intent in her come-hither gaze. Craig withdraws his hand and excuses himself. Courtney watches him go.

Cut to Jenna, who has been watching the exchange from across the room. She looks fabulous, all-out sexy in a way she hasn't looked since she began being a substitute mom. A slick, society pages type named Ben walks over and introduces himself. He asks if she's alone. Jenna looks across the room to see Aaron chatting with some other people, totally oblivious to her. Aaron's commitment phobia fresh in her mind, she decides to test him. She informs Ben that she's there with her boyfriend, but he isn't that into her anymore. Ben thinks he's crazy. They laugh and flirt, which catches Aaron's attention. He watches her with a look of surprise and flat-out anger.

Later, Craig's party is still going strong. He goes to loosen his tie when he notices a wine stain on his shirt. He heads off to the bedroom to change shirts, where he finds Courtney, the sexy young intern from before. She's on the bed, smiling seductively at Craig. She tells him she was waiting for him, then asks if he likes her earrings.

It's not long before Craig and Courtney are going at it fast and furious. They're pulling off clothes while passionately kissing, all of Craig's frustration surrounding Sam, his loneliness, denial of any please being released. Then suddenly...Craig stops cold. Courtney looks up at him, dazed, and asks what's wrong. Craig tells her he thought he was ready for this, but he's not. He apologizes and pulls on his shirt, takes a moment to compose himself, and returns to the party. Courtney is left on the bed, alone and disheveled, wondering what the hell happened.

Craig fixes himself a drink as Aaron angrily pulls on his coat. Aaron tells Craig he had a fight with Jenna and that he'll call Craig tomorrow. He tells Craig not to let Jenna make a fool of herself and is out the door. Craig scans the room and locks eyes with Jenna, who turns away and bumps into Ben. He asks her what she's doing tonight and she promptly tells him she'll be doing nothing with him, then escapes to the bathroom. There she finds Courtney bent over the sink, snorting a line of coke. Jenna asks if she minds not coking up in her friend's apartment. Courtney's out of it and offers the coke to Jenna. Jenna tells her she'd rather have some privacy. Courtney gathers her purse and wanders out of the bathroom. Jenna watches her go, then realizes Craig is watching as well.

The next day, Craig is walking through the loft with a cop, doing his Russell-coached best at appearing shocked at the news he just learned: that Courtney was found lying on a bench, dead from an apparent OD. The cop tells him that they contacted her parents and learned she had planned to come to Craig's party the night before. Craig confirms that Courtney was there, but claims he didn't pay much attention to her. The cop asks if they had any kind of romantic relationship, because her parents say she talked about Craig a lot. The cop asks if he can look around and heads into the bedroom. The cop asks if Courtney left with anyone. Craig says he didn't notice. He suddenly spots one of Courtney's silver earrings from India lying on the floor near the bed and his blood runs cold. Craig distracts the cop by pointing out a photo of Sam, while he kicks the earring under the bed. The cop thanks him for his help. Craig says it's very sad what happened to Courtney and that she must have been a very troubled young woman.

Jenna is packing her things for New Zealand, filling the painful leave with busy talk about the weather. Aaron tells he wishes she wasn't going. Sadness settles over Jenna's face. Aaron asks if it was nice between them. Jenna agrees that it was, but it wasn't love. They kiss and hold one another. Aaron argues that maybe it was love and he can't recognize it when it's right in front of him. Jenna's nearly in tears as she tells him that if it was love, he wouldn't have to convince himself of it. She tells him he'll know it when he finds it.

Carla and Paul

Carla is at a publishing house, talking to Audie about Paul. Audie informs her that they do thorough background checks on all potential employers and Paul's was spotless. Carla says Paul is really good at covering things up. Audie reluctantly says if she wants file a complaint, they will have to follow through on it, and hopes Carla knows what she's doing.

Later, Carla is in the parking garage, walking towards her car, when Paul emerges from the shadows, full of rage. Soon Paul is yelling at Carla for sending Amy off with Meghan. He tells her how they died in a house fire and that the photo of Amy was all he had left. Carla's overwhelmed by the immediate danger of Paul and the bombshell he dropped on her. Paul shoves her hard, slams his fist on the hood of the car. As he's about to launch at her, a security guard comes onto the scene. Paul is quickly able to put on a face of innocence, claiming they were just talking. The guard tells him to keep his hands where he can see them. Paul remarks that raised his voice a little, but the guard didn't see anything, did he? The guard agrees that he didn't, but points to a security camera that caught everything, finally busting Paul for the man he really is.

The next day, Audie and Carla stand near Paul's desk as a worker wheels out the old file cabinets. Audie tells Carla she did the right thing; they dug a little deeper and found out Paul had falsified his resume, plea-bargained an assault and battery, not to mention the incident in the parking garage... They had to fire him. Carla says she didn't mean to cause trouble. Audie says the Board decided to offer her Paul's job. Carla is shocked and pleased. Audie tells Carla she's the best person for the job and that she'll get better pay and benefits, as well as Paul's old office. Carla accepts the offer. Audie informs her that Paul's stuff will be gone by the end of the day, but if she wants to keep anything, she can. Carla looks down at the framed photo of Amy and says there's one thing she wants to keep.

Present Day

Marjorino is talking to Craig. He points out evidence suggesting Craig is involved in his accident, including the new windshield on the car, glass on the ground and suggests perhaps the car was fixed right there in the garage. He informs Craig that he'll have forensics check out the glass fragments for blood and fibers. Craig glares at him, knowing that while he has been smart, Marjorino has been smarter. He tells Marjorino he's way past his two or three questions and to close the door behind him. Marjorino leaves the loft. Henry returns from the bedroom and shares a look with his father.

Spoiler Summary

Peter and Carla get engaged in 95. They elope in 96 and begin fertility treatments. They wind up discovering that Peter has leukemia. He needs a bone marrow transplant, and his insurance (97) doesn't want to pay for the treatment. The insurance guy insinuates that he could move things along if Carla would sleep with him. She decides to go to Aaron for the money, but his assets are temporarily frozen. She sleeps with the insurance guy, just before Aaron's assets get unfrozen. (At some point, Peter dies anyway and Carla becomes present day Ice Queen). Paul winds up back in Carla's life in 98, working for same company. He's still all evil ans she ends up getting his job after he assaults her in the parking garage.

Pascale thinks Aaron spends to much time with the other five. She walks out leaving him with the kids. He enlists Jenna's help with the girls. She's been having lots of affairs with married men, and she's tired of it. Eventually moves in to help him out. They also have more sex, but there's no commitment. They fight at Craig's 30th (where an intern dies of an overdose) and Jenna goes off to New Zealand.

Craig and Sam set Will up on a blind date, but it's partially just an attempt to help Craig's political career. Will falls for the girl, Katherine, anyway, but her dad, the Congressman, doesn't like that Will was in jail. Will tells Katherine the real story behind the accident, and she tells her dad. The Congressman then holds this over Craig's head, and it seems as though there's yet another Craig/Will falling out, with Craig's dad back in the picture. Will's working for a law firm when Aaron's in the custody dispute. Will and Katherine get engaged.

Will FINALLY finds out about Amy. It reads like this leads to a separation between Craig and Sam, but not necessarily a reunion between Sam and Will. Will spends a year trying to track Amy down. So Amy and Meghan die in a fire before he finds them. This makes it REALLY over between Will and Sam and puts him back on the suspect list.

E!s Kristin: "There were two people in the room when Sam died, and one of them is not one of the six main friends, but someone we have already met on the show."

ETA2 (12/21/2005): Okay. It seems like this post is being linked to from all over, so a lot of people I don't know are swinging by to read it. First off, hi all! If you're new here, would you mind commenting to let me know where you found the link to this post? I haven't posted it anywhere, so I'm just wondering how it got out there. Secondly, this is just a compilation of spoilers (found at spoilerfix and fanbolt) that I posted to my livejournal for easy access after a long Reunion discussion in another (flocked) post. Most of my post are flocked, but I un-flocked this so that a non-LJ friend could read it. I am not the source of these spoilers, and I cannot tell you anything more than what is written above. As for who killed Sam, E! Online's Kristin has promised to tell us the killer's identity, if the show doesn't get picked up by another network. Also, be sure to send a blank e-mail to with the word "Reunion" in the subject line if you'd like to vote for Reunion in E!s Save One Show poll.

ETA3 (01/12/2006):
From nellygirl: Help! Save Reunion! It's the best show, and they shouldn't cancel it! Please help!
Kristin: I hear you, sister! As promised, I have sent a letter to the powers that be at Fox, the WB and ABC Family explaining that whatever the cost, this show is worth it! We'll give it a bit more time, and then I will spill what I've heard about the ending. Although, apparently, they changed the murderer at the 11th hour. So, it seems that whomever the murderer ended up being, it was not necessarily something that was planned for all along, which sorta surprised me.

From tery_dyer: So, you're gonna reveal Sam's killer, since it doesn't look like it's gonna be picked up by another network? Or is that still possible?
Kristin: I honestly do not know at this point. I've heard no rumblings of other networks taking the bite, but I don't want to give up just yet. I have two pieces of info: the identity of the killer (who it was initially, and who it was changed to--though neither scene was shot, so it's possible it has changed again, mind you!) and also why Craig was in a wheelchair (but could walk) and why Jenna hated him (which is related). I'm fairly certain that was never shot, either. Anyway, votes? What should I tell? It's too soon to give up, right?

From nakakna: At least say why Craig is in a wheelchair and why Jenna hated him!
Kristin: If the show isn't picked up, I will tell you this next week. Promise.

From wickedly_elphaba: Is it true that ABC Family and the WB have turned down Reunion already?
Kristin: ABC Family has, yes. But I'm not positive about the WB. There might still be a tiny sliver of hope.

ETA4 (01/17/2006):
From Kristin's post: I'm ... just ... I can't .... believe ... my ears ...

Fox Prez Peter Liguori just announced who was supposed to be Sam's killer ... officially killing any hope of another network picking up the show.

Guess everyone will know now: It was Sam's daughter, Amy.

However, I have it on high authority that at the last minute, right before the show was canceled, they were planning to change the killer to someone else, which I will tell you about in our next chat, along with the reason Jenna harbored such a hatred for Craig, and why he ended up in a wheelchair.

The bottom line is, I think that, sadly, tragically, it might be time to give up all hope on Reunion coming back anywhere.

I also asked David Janolari yesterday if the WB was interested in picking up Reunion and he said, "no."

Talk about a post-Globes buzz kill. This sucks.

ETA5 (01/23/2005):
According to E!s Kristin's chat, it looks like the 11th hour killer was going to be Craig's father, which... kind of makes me glad this show was cancelled. I can buy the whole gang covering up for Amy, but not for Mr. Brewster.

anna asks: What were Fox pres Peter Liguori's exact words about how Reunion would end?
Kristin_Veitch replies: He said "Reunion was particularly cumbersome in terms of trying to provide an ending for the audience. How [creator] Jon [Harmon Feldman] was laying out the show to gap those additional 14, 15, 16 years was an incredibly complex path. There were a numberof options and he didn't make a definitive decision on which option he was going to go with as to who the killer was, and there was just no way to accelerate that time. We put these shows on with every good intention to end them, but eventually the audience votes. We discussed a number of options and the best guess at that particular time was that it was going to be Sam's daughter that was actually the killer."

val asks: what do you know about the killer?
Kristin_Veitch replies: Okay, since Liguori already spilled and I also asked David Janolari if the WB was interested in picking up Reunion and he said, "no," I think it’s time to just give up the info … Here’s what I’ve been told by someone who is very much in the know, who works on the show … The original plan was for the killer to be Sam’s daughter, however, the 11th hour change was that the killer would be … drumroll, please … Craig’s father. I’m told that he felt Craig’s political career would take off with her out of the picture. Nothing had been shot, so it could have been changed. But as far as I know (from a producer and an actor on the show), Craig’s father probably would have been the culprit. I’m also told that when the murderer was Amy, it was supposed to have been an accident.

queenjacyln asks: If Craig's father killed Sam, why would the 5 friends cover it up?
Kristin_Veitch replies: Good question. And I have no answer. I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't one of the five friends? Aren't you? I sorta believed that to be the premise of the whole show .... but what do I know?

Jason asks: PLEASE tell me you know why Craig was in a wheelchair!
Kristin_Veitch replies: Yes. It’s actually tied into the reason Jenna was so bitter toward him. … Apparently an upcoming (flashback) storyline was that Craig was hitting on Jenna in a car and she was rebuffing him and they got into a car accident. Initially, he really wasn’t supposed to be able to walk, but had a surprising recovery. However, Craig’s father believed he’d do better with the sympathy vote and told him to stay in the wheelchair. And he won the Congressional race.
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