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[ profile] goobalicious finished OotP last night and called me around midnight. She was all sniffles and whimpers over the loss of Sirius, even though she had been spoiled long in advance and knew to expect it. Now, I'm not making fun of her because she was crying over Sirius, I freely admit that I sobbed like an injured kitten from the time Sirius fell until about thirty minutes after I finished the book. I'm just making fun of her cause that's what I do.

Anyway, I let her flail about Sirius for a while before moving on to the topic of the awesomeness of Fred and George. Seriously, OotPis so almost my favorite book in the series so far. I have a hard time copping to it as my favorite, simply because my heart breaks so hard for my Sirius, and because I have so much rage at Umbridge. Oh man, I'm a little worried about my mom meeting Umbridge in the film, because she is going to HATE her. I won't even repeat to y'all the things she said about Aunt Marge when we made her watch PoA. For reals, yo! Mom's not a curser, so I didn't think she knew those words. It was a little bit scary. I wanted to take her with us to see OotP in the theater, but after that reaction, I don't think I want to be out in public with her when she meets Umbridge.

Speaking of my mom, she watched GoF last night with the sis. She still insists on calling Dumbledore "Gandalf," but it's truly just a super-high complement, because mom is a hardcore Gandalf/LOTR fan. I shudder to think at what levels of online mischief she'd have gotten into if she'd been online when the LOTR films came out. Oh dear.

Anyway, back to Sis. Since she's finally finished OotP, I had to ask her about what is possibly my favorite chapter in the series: "Snape's Worst Memory". We discussed Remus's role in the whole Snape situation and other topics that only occur to the painfully obsessed. Now, previously, after we'd each read the first book, it was determined that I belonged in either Ravenclaw (because I'm smart) or Slytherin (because I'm wicked) or a combination of the two (because I'm wicked smart). Now, after I read this chapter and got some insight into the Marauders I started thinking that maybe I wasn't Ravenclaw (tend to skate by academically) or Slytherin (not a racist) after all. Goob agrees that my wickedness tends more towards cruel Marauder mischief than full-on hateness, so I've snatched some more icons to demonstrate my rightful house.

She's still a Hufflepuff though. I think she's pretty chuffed to be sharing a house with Cedric and Tonks.

Oh! And now, she wants me to write her a drabble that's a twist on the Time-Travel fic cliches. You know, there's a lot of fic out there where Hermione travels back in time to when the Marauders were still in school and, of course, proceeds to fall in love with Sirius, Lupin, Snape or a combination of the three. Goob's asking for a Lupin time-travel drabble where he goes back in time to when McGonagall is just beginning to teach at Hogwarts and falls in love with her. Yes. That's right. The sis is shipping Minerva/Remus. Which is all kinds of awesome, because septuagenarians need lovin' too. However, I hold to the strict "exactly-100-words" definition of a drabble and her specification are just way too specific for any kind of drabbling. :p
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