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[ profile] goobalicious finished OotP last night and called me around midnight. Sis on Book 5, Mom of Films 3 & 4. )

She's still a Hufflepuff though. I think she's pretty chuffed to be sharing a house with Cedric and Tonks.

Oh! And now, she wants me to write her a drabble that's a twist on the Time-Travel fic cliches. You know, there's a lot of fic out there where Hermione travels back in time to when the Marauders were still in school and, of course, proceeds to fall in love with Sirius, Lupin, Snape or a combination of the three. Goob's asking for a Lupin time-travel drabble where he goes back in time to when McGonagall is just beginning to teach at Hogwarts and falls in love with her. Yes. That's right. The sis is shipping Minerva/Remus. Which is all kinds of awesome, because septuagenarians need lovin' too. However, I hold to the strict "exactly-100-words" definition of a drabble and her specification are just way too specific for any kind of drabbling. :p
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This post is about nine months in the making, but it's not going to be nearly as impressive as it should be for taking that long. Anyway, last September or so it was announced that Peter Jackson had optioned the rights to Naomi Novik's Temeraire book series. To me, this was about as exciting a combination as peanut butter and chocolate, or Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine, or Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney. (Damn. I just realized that two of those three combos ended spectacularly. Someone hold me!) That is to say I find this bonecrushingly, breathtakingly, heartstoppingly awesome.

So, back in September, I was discussing this in comments with [ profile] rhienelleth, and mentioned that I was already casting it in my head. I just never got back around to posting a comment with my dream cast, because I lose at life.

Dream Cast for Peter Jackson's Temeraire film )
So, who would you like to see in these roles?

Next Up (someday): Casting HBO's A Song of Ice and Fire


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