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This post is about nine months in the making, but it's not going to be nearly as impressive as it should be for taking that long. Anyway, last September or so it was announced that Peter Jackson had optioned the rights to Naomi Novik's Temeraire book series. To me, this was about as exciting a combination as peanut butter and chocolate, or Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine, or Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney. (Damn. I just realized that two of those three combos ended spectacularly. Someone hold me!) That is to say I find this bonecrushingly, breathtakingly, heartstoppingly awesome.

So, back in September, I was discussing this in comments with [ profile] rhienelleth, and mentioned that I was already casting it in my head. I just never got back around to posting a comment with my dream cast, because I lose at life.

Dream Cast for Peter Jackson's Temeraire film )
So, who would you like to see in these roles?

Next Up (someday): Casting HBO's A Song of Ice and Fire
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Catherine and Dermot are officially split.

Those of you who are new around here won't know this about me, but Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney are my two very favorite actors. They became favorites of mine years before I knew that they were married to each other. (Believe me, when I found out that they were a couple, it was one of those moments where the entire universe feels very small and everything makes sense for one brief shining moment. "I love him the most AND I love her the most, so OF COURSE they love each other the MOST MOST!") I never got the tabloid appeal of Brad and Jen, but if Catherine and Dermot were as famous as their talent deserves for them to be, I'd probably have a subscription to People, In Touch, Star and all the rest of those rags.


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