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I'm trying to eat dinner and update at the same time, so this will be brief and scattered:

  • I have equal amounts of love and hate for The Office finale. The parts that were awesome for me were super-awesome, but the parts that bothered me, bothered me in my very soul.
  • I'm about to begin reading the first Harry Potter book. I'll try and let you all know what I think about it as I go.
  • I voted for Blake Lewis. And I'll do it again.
  • I hope that this week's episode of VM didn't turn any of you off regarding Invisible Children. If any of you are interested in seeing the documentary, I have a loaner copy that I am more than happy to ship out.
  • Anthony or Daisy had better win Shear Genius. Actually, I like the final four, and would let any of them cut my hair, but I just like them best.
  • That's all I got. Very boring.
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I forgot to post this earlier this evening, so I'm afraid that anyone in Eastern or Central time has missed out. Tonight's Nightline (ABC, 11:35PM) features actor Don Cheadle giving a special report from Sudan and from Sudanese refugess camps in Chad. If you west coasters see this in time to catch all or some of the program, you don't want to miss it.

There is still time, however, for all of my US flist to watch tomorrow night's Nightline (same channel and time). Tomorrow Ted Koppel has an interview with Paul Rusesabagina and Romeo Dallaire where they talk about the lessons learned in Rwanda and how they can apply to the current situation in Sudan. It's only a half-hour program. I'm begging you all, ESPECIALLY if you have no idea what I'm talking about, to tune in.


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