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This post is about nine months in the making, but it's not going to be nearly as impressive as it should be for taking that long. Anyway, last September or so it was announced that Peter Jackson had optioned the rights to Naomi Novik's Temeraire book series. To me, this was about as exciting a combination as peanut butter and chocolate, or Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine, or Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney. (Damn. I just realized that two of those three combos ended spectacularly. Someone hold me!) That is to say I find this bonecrushingly, breathtakingly, heartstoppingly awesome.

So, back in September, I was discussing this in comments with [ profile] rhienelleth, and mentioned that I was already casting it in my head. I just never got back around to posting a comment with my dream cast, because I lose at life.

William Laurence: Will Estes - Yes, I'm completely aware of my obsession, thankyouverymuch. My fixation aside, Will would be a fierce Laurence. He's played a modern military man brilliantly before, on American Dreams and Reunion, and the thought of all that intensity in a handsome turn-of-the-19th-century military uniform is just enough to short-circuit my brain. Ahem. Right now, Will's a couple years too young for Laurence, but by the time this film actually goes into production, he'll be exactly the right age. (And thank your higher power that Russell Crowe will be far too old by then.)
Tom Riley: Marc Blucas - this can't be helped. Reading the name Riley immediately brought Blucas to mind when I first read the books, and there was never anything in the description of him to contradict that in my mind. I actually think that he could possibly rock the heck out of this character. If he's not available, I think Jesse Spencer would be an awesome 2nd choice, if a bit too pretty.
John Granby: When I was reaing the books, I could see Granby in my mind so clearly. However, I think I was just seeing Ioan Gruffudd as Hortio Hornblower, and that's no good at all, is it? Ioan's about ten years too old for Granby. Hugh Dancy's also too old for Granby, but somehow, I think he could pass as younger than Will Estes. Plus, my sister LOVES him. Although, if we're going by [ profile] goobalicious's crushes, maybe we should consider Oliver Wood Sean Biggerstaff or Robert Pattinson. Damn. Actually Robert Pattison just might do the trick, even though he's so. Damn. Young!
Catherine Harcourt: I've never actually seen this actress perform, but Emma Roberts is genetically predestined to have at least a little talent, and she's blessed with her aunt's complexion, so she could rock the red hair. So she gets it, but only because Isla Fisher's too old to pass for twenty.
Jane Roland: Catherine Keener Fine, I accept that Catherine is probably too old for this part, but she would totally kill it. I actually think that Jacinda Barrett would make an excellent Jane, and she's not as bad an actress as one would expect a former Real World cast member to be. I don't know. Jane's a hard one. Seriously, I picture her as a younger Catherine Keener or Claudia Black.
Emily Roland: Abigail Breslin, because she's adorable and I don't know any other pre-teen actresses. However, she'll probably be too old for this once filming actually starts.
Jeremy Rankin: Do you know, I honestly think that David Anders could play this well. Rankin is tall, blond, aristocratic and cruel. Call it typecasting, but I simply can't figure out any one else for this part. Added bonus is that David would simply HAVE to grow back the curls.

I know I'm missing some important characters, but this is a start.

So, who would you like to see in these roles?

Next Up (someday): Casting HBO's A Song of Ice and Fire
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