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I've been resisting, but you've all broke me down! Clicky my eggs plz!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!

Adopt one today!
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Stolen from [ profile] crystalkirk:
1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers Password: landmark
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten fifteen results.

1. Archaeologist
2. Anthropologist
3. Historian
4. Stenographer
5. Curator
6. Conservator
7. Forensics Specialist
8. Archivist
9. Scientist
10. ESL Teacher
11. Judge
12. Model Maker
13. Researcher
14. Sign Language Interpreter
15. Foreign Language Instructor

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You know what, I don't slash, and even if I did, I don't think Snarry would be my cuppa. I'm not into Weasley twincest (although I would totally join a Jaime/Cersei comm if one existed), or even any erotic fan art. My fannish existence on LJ is not at all threatened by the immediate goings-on. However, this is not the case for a lot of you, and LJ is nothing to me without you. And even though the target of this witch-hunt is HP fanartists, it doesn't mean that the next time it won't be Supernatural Wincest fans or something else that more directly affects my flist. LJ has made one thing, and pretty much only this one thing, clear: Friends-locks will not protect us anymore.

I have joined [ profile] fandom_action, [ profile] fandom_flies and [ profile] leavin_eljay. And I've signed up over at fandom411, which is, to me, a whole lot easier to use than The Directorium, even though it's good to use both services.

For the time being, I intend to x-post to IJ, GJ and JF (once I get it set-up). I'd love to just walk away from LJ/6A all together, but I would never walk away from all of you. As long as some of you are still here, I'll (at the very least) be lurking and reading my f-list, but I'll certainly not ever again pay to use this service. Initially, I was just creating additional accounts in order to friend those of you who were fleeing, but now, I'm one of you. What really pushed me over the edge was LJ's refusal to update the TOS, even though the TOS have clearly changed. Basically, they acted on a set of guidelines not acknowledged by the current TOS, and they've realized that they can't change the TOS to reflect these new standards after the fact, because that just opens them up to a whole new dimension of fail.

FWIW, I'm convinced that JF is the safest current community alternative for fandom. By all accounts that I've come across TPTB there have fought for their posters in the past, and they continue to host fandom_wank despite not loving the comm, simply because they believe it has the right to exist. That makes them a-ok in my book. And I know that JF has its drawbacks:18+ only, closed registration (which means that you need to be sponsored by a paid member in order to get an account), etc., but I just like their track record better. GJ has lots and lots of user pics, but I understand that they do a semi-regular purge of inactive accounts, and y'all know how sporadic my posting can be. I like IJ better than GJ, and even though Squeaky has said that IJ is not affliated with and will not be selling out to 6A, well, we've heard that stuff before, right? IJ is still small, and they just don't yet have the track record of standing up for fandom that JF does. I'm still interested in given them a chance to prove themselves as fan-friendly, but I'm not committing myself to any one site yet, even though I'm planning to purchase paid/permanent accounts as soon as possible from each journaling alternative.

Still not sure what's going on? Here's a few informative links:
How Six Apart's Greed Allied Them With Neo-Nazis - From Round One of Strikethrough
Fiver didn't know the language on that notice board. Fiver only knew that something bad was coming.
Saved (now deleted) thread from EFW community wherein burr86 fails spectacularly by publicly making fun of the customers while still wearing his work uniform.
Brad reportedly leaving LJ/6A and this is confirmed in his own journal.
Collected "official" statements from the recent lj_biz comments thread. - Includes such gems as "we allow pro-anorexia communities to remain because they are, in most cases, serving as support groups for the members" and "it's not illegal to aspire to be thin." RAGE!
/. sums it up.

So, maybe you're thinking, "Oh, crap. I didn't know about any of this, but I don't like it, and I have no idea how to back-up my LJ or find my friends if they leave here. What can I do?" If that's the case, you should check out this post, which has all kinds of helpful hints. I used LJ Sec to move all of my LJ posts over to GJ and IJ, and it was rather simple.
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How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension5
Your crimeAberforth/Frank the Goat fanart.
Who reported yourosewildeirish
Your fateYou discover fresh air, real life, and true love.

Dammit, [ profile] rosewildeirish! My fresh air allergies are severe!
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I feel like I need to post just because I actually have the computer to myself, and can be signed in to LJ for more than five minutes at a time. (Everyone's in bed, obviously, as it's almost 3am.)

However, I find that the only thing I have to say right now is that Reese's Peanut Butter and Banana Creme Elvis Cups are absolutely spectacular. I promise to have something better for my next post. It'll probably be about Order of the Phoenix, which I'm going to see at midnight Tuesday. YAY!

(Seriously, though, they really are spectacular. You must try them!)
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Burn Notice starts tonight on USA at 10PM. Don't forget to watch and enjoy the hot Jeffrey Donovan & Bruce Campbell action!

(I know, I know. You're thinking, But Trixie, whenever you get excited about a new show, it gets canceled. [TRUFAX: The first time Mr. Trix saw an ad for Burn Notice, he said, "Whoa. That looks good. I want to watch that." And I said, "I know! I can't wait!" His immediate reply? "It's gonna get canceled, isn't it?"] And you're maybe thinking, Why would I want to inflict that kind of pain on myself? And the answer is, well, there is no answer, but there is spying and Jeffrey Donovan and guns and Miami and Bruce Campbell, so I say we risk it!)
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That's right, Frankenmix 14! It's been a long, long time since I actually completed a Frankenmix, even though I've saved the last dozen challenges for completion in the near/far future. This month's tracklist requirements are:

1. Your favorite song this month.
2. Your favorite instrumental number. (Or, alternatively, your favorite soundtrack-related song.)
3. A song that showcases your favorite singer.
4. Your favorite band's best number.
5. A song that could have been a favorite, if not for the lyrics.
6. A song that could have been your favorite, if not for the tune.
7. Your favorite song when you were fifteen.

Trix Frankenmix 14 )
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[ profile] goobalicious finished OotP last night and called me around midnight. Sis on Book 5, Mom of Films 3 & 4. )

She's still a Hufflepuff though. I think she's pretty chuffed to be sharing a house with Cedric and Tonks.

Oh! And now, she wants me to write her a drabble that's a twist on the Time-Travel fic cliches. You know, there's a lot of fic out there where Hermione travels back in time to when the Marauders were still in school and, of course, proceeds to fall in love with Sirius, Lupin, Snape or a combination of the three. Goob's asking for a Lupin time-travel drabble where he goes back in time to when McGonagall is just beginning to teach at Hogwarts and falls in love with her. Yes. That's right. The sis is shipping Minerva/Remus. Which is all kinds of awesome, because septuagenarians need lovin' too. However, I hold to the strict "exactly-100-words" definition of a drabble and her specification are just way too specific for any kind of drabbling. :p
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This post is about nine months in the making, but it's not going to be nearly as impressive as it should be for taking that long. Anyway, last September or so it was announced that Peter Jackson had optioned the rights to Naomi Novik's Temeraire book series. To me, this was about as exciting a combination as peanut butter and chocolate, or Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine, or Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney. (Damn. I just realized that two of those three combos ended spectacularly. Someone hold me!) That is to say I find this bonecrushingly, breathtakingly, heartstoppingly awesome.

So, back in September, I was discussing this in comments with [ profile] rhienelleth, and mentioned that I was already casting it in my head. I just never got back around to posting a comment with my dream cast, because I lose at life.

Dream Cast for Peter Jackson's Temeraire film )
So, who would you like to see in these roles?

Next Up (someday): Casting HBO's A Song of Ice and Fire
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I wasted some time today (okay, a couple of hours) going back through the archives of this journal and updating my tags. (Don't judge me. It was that, or pack. And you lot know how much I like lazy.) Anyway, I came across this post from two years ago, when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released and everyone was posting their spoiler policies, and I didn't have one, as I was never going to read those books, and probably never read any posts about them either. It was a fun post, and I discovered that I was not alone in my Harry Potter apathy and there was much bonding and rejoicing and snarking.

However, as you all now know, it has since come to my attention that I was OMGSOWRONG! I have since seen the error of my ways. (Also, at that time, I asked not to be included on any Harry Potter filters. This no longer applies, so if you are someone with a Harry Potter posting filter, hook me up!)

So, I apologize to all my Potter-free friends who I've abandoned, and I apologize to all of my Potter-loving friends for blowing off your recs for so long.

Mostly, I just wanted to use my newest tag.
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Catherine and Dermot are officially split.

Those of you who are new around here won't know this about me, but Catherine Keener and Dermot Mulroney are my two very favorite actors. They became favorites of mine years before I knew that they were married to each other. (Believe me, when I found out that they were a couple, it was one of those moments where the entire universe feels very small and everything makes sense for one brief shining moment. "I love him the most AND I love her the most, so OF COURSE they love each other the MOST MOST!") I never got the tabloid appeal of Brad and Jen, but if Catherine and Dermot were as famous as their talent deserves for them to be, I'd probably have a subscription to People, In Touch, Star and all the rest of those rags.
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So, what you're all saying is, I finished the Harry Potter series just in time for a bunch of the HP comms to be randomly deleted. Nice. Now, it seems to me that I am fannishly unaffected, because I only have one squicky HP ship and as far as I can tell no Remus/Hermione comms have been deleted. Shut it, y'all. You know I have to have at least one hopelessly UC ship per fandom.

As of this moment, even though I've created a greatest journal, I'm not going anywhere (I'm hardly ever HERE in the first place), and I hope that I won't have to relocate this journal (especially since I just went back to having a paid account after months and months with only six icons to choose from). However, the main reason I use LJ these days is to read my f-list, and if you all leave, I guess I'll have no choice but to follow. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and - well, you get the point.

[ profile] fandom_counts
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So far, I've read through Book 3, and I'm totally digging it. I've actually enjoyed each book in the series more than I did the one before it, so I'm very happy about that.

Favorite Student: Neville. Just because I got all teary at the end of Book 1 when he got 10 points for Gryffindor. I guess I have a soft-spot for hapless. (Y'all, I know I sorted my sis into Hufflepuff, but if she was an actual HP character, she'd be Neville.)
Favorite Professor: Minerva McGonagall. If I was an animagus, I'd turn into a cat too.
Favorite Weasley: Ron, of course, because in my head he's played by Dean Venture.
Favorite Character (All-Around): It was Hagrid for the first two books but then I met Remus Lupin. (Lupin is made of WIN, y'all!) And then I met Sirius Black, who now claims the title of MY MOST FAVORITEST. (And then two of these characters left Hogwarts. But they still exist in the HP universe, right? Oh, dear. This is going to turn out bad for me, isn't it?)
Shippy?: The books aren't very shippy yet (Do they even get shippy?), but I know there's a lot of fandom shipping, which I haven't paid much attention to, because I didn't know what the deal was. Now that I know, I have to say that I'm a Ron/Hermione girl. And, mildly, a Harry/Ginny girl. Her crush is too cute.

Wow. I totally need some HP icons, don't I? Can anyone point me to good book (not movie) icons?

I'm visiting with my folks this week, so I haven't been able to read my f-list since the end of last week. I'll try and catch up this weekend!
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My sister and I are both reading the Harry Potter series for the first time. Yesterday, we had this conversation:

Me: You're a Hufflepuff.
Sis: Thanks! [thinks] You're probably... a Ravenclaw, or... [long pause].
Me: Or a Slytherin?
Sis: [relieved] Yeah. I was totally going to say Slytherin, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings.
Me: You're such a Hufflepuff.
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I'm trying to eat dinner and update at the same time, so this will be brief and scattered:

  • I have equal amounts of love and hate for The Office finale. The parts that were awesome for me were super-awesome, but the parts that bothered me, bothered me in my very soul.
  • I'm about to begin reading the first Harry Potter book. I'll try and let you all know what I think about it as I go.
  • I voted for Blake Lewis. And I'll do it again.
  • I hope that this week's episode of VM didn't turn any of you off regarding Invisible Children. If any of you are interested in seeing the documentary, I have a loaner copy that I am more than happy to ship out.
  • Anthony or Daisy had better win Shear Genius. Actually, I like the final four, and would let any of them cut my hair, but I just like them best.
  • That's all I got. Very boring.
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I just finished watching the four unaired episodes of Reunion. And my bitterness about the cancellation has been renewed, because this show only got better (read: cheesier) with each new year. I intend to write up full recaps of each episode for all of you who are just dying to know the answers to Really Important Questions, like whether or not Sam's wonky eyebrows ever got less wonky, or if anyone other than Will Estes ever did any actual acting. (The answer to both questions is "Are you kidding me? What a stupid question!") So, look for those recaps to come later this week. For now, I'll say that there's a notable guest appearance by William Russ as a creepy dad who is way too invested in his daughter's love life. (Yes, AGAIN.) This, of course, means that I will never, ever be able to watch "Boy Meets World" again. It just adds a whole layer of subtext to that show that I just can't deal with.

Speaking of "Deadwood" (Smooth!), two important bits of news have recently come to my attention. One, DAVID ANDERS WILL APPEAR IN SEASON THREE! AT LEAST ONE EPISODE! MAYBE MORE! I have no idea what kind of character he'll be playing (not laying, although, you know, yeah -- that too!), but all I can think of is that there is potential for a cursin', whorin', old west version of Sark. And I'm all kinds of giddy about that! My Sark-love has been pretty much dormant for a pretty long time, but DA on "Deadwood" just might be the thing to revive the BOOJ!

The other piece of "Deadwood" news is much less exciting. I was bummed enough when David Milch announced that S4 would likely be the last season (minor historical plot spoilers for S3/S4). But now HBO hasn't picked up the options on the actors, essentially making them free agents, which is the biggest WTF? ever. Especially since Milch flat-out says in that article that S3 doesn't end where it's supposed to end, and knowing that he already had plans for S4. *sigh* Save Deadwood, all y'all cocksuckers.
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Gilmore Girls! Veronica Mars! I haven't been this excited for a night of TV since... season premiere night, probably... *FLAILS*

[ profile] foodsthatcan, expect a long, rambly, squealey (or long, rambly, mopey) e-mail late tonight!
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(Along with comedies "Reba," "All of Us," "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Girlfriends"; reality series "Beauty and The Geek," "America's Next Top Model" and "Friday Night Smackdown!"; and dramas "Gilmore Girls," "One Tree Hill," "Smallville," "Supernatural" and "Veronica Mars.")

But seriously, y'all! I was confident about VM, but I thought Everwood was a goner for sure! *DANCE OF SUPER HAPPY JOY!*

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I have bought more jewelry from this site than I have ever bought in my entire life. [ profile] voleuse posted a link to it a couple days ago and I can't turn away from it, so I finally embraced it and became an affiliate. $6 jewelry and it's all cute too! The little countdown clock is mesmerizing - I don't want to look away in case that three-stone garnet pendant I've been waiting for pops up next! So, I'm warning you all, if you click on the banner, you're clicking on crack in its purest form.

But totally click on the banner, because it's such. Good. CRACK!
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At this point, all 13 ordered episodes have been filmed. These are spoilers based on the shooting scripts. I found them at fanbolt and spoilerfix. I don't have detailed spoilers for '98 yet, just a description of one character's mood. ETA: Spoilers for 1998 have been added. Now, remember, these episodes might eventually come to DVD, so if you can wait indefinitely, don't click.

1995 )

1996 )

1997 )

1998 )

In Review (Spoiler Summary) )

What E!s Kristin says about Sam's murder )

ETA2 (12/21/2005): Okay. It seems like this post is being linked to from all over, so a lot of people I don't know are swinging by to read it. First off, hi all! If you're new here, would you mind commenting to let me know where you found the link to this post? I haven't posted it anywhere, so I'm just wondering how it got out there. Secondly, this is just a compilation of spoilers (found at spoilerfix and fanbolt) that I posted to my livejournal for easy access after a long Reunion discussion in another (flocked) post. Most of my post are flocked, but I un-flocked this so that a non-LJ friend could read it. I am not the source of these spoilers, and I cannot tell you anything more than what is written above. As for who killed Sam, E! Online's Kristin has promised to tell us the killer's identity, if the show doesn't get picked up by another network. Also, be sure to send a blank e-mail to with the word "Reunion" in the subject line if you'd like to vote for Reunion in E!s Save One Show poll.

ETA3 (01/12/2006): More info from E!s Kristin )

ETA4 (01/17/2006): E!s Kristin announces Killer #1 )

ETA5 (01/23/2005): E!s Kristin reveals other proposed killer and why Craig was in a wheelchair )


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