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Birthdate:Dec 4
Location:United States of America
FRIENDS ONLY. For the most part.

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*flail*, aaron echolls, academics, aeryn sun, alias, ancient civilizations, angel, angst, anthropology, archaeology, athenaeum, battlestar galactica, big damn heroes, bob dylan, bones the series, books, bright abbott, browncoats, can't stop the signal, captain lee 'apollo' adama, captain tightass, captain tightpants, catelyn stark, catherine keener, cliff hangers, comedy, counting crows, coupling, david anders, david brent, deadwood, dermot mulroney, doc martens, dragons, eat the coffee!, everwood, everythingisdoom!, eyes, fannish frivolity, farscape, firefly, freedom of fandom, funkeh, genre shows, george r. r. martin, giggle loop, gilmore girls, go, green wing, harry potter, hero of canton, hockey, hot lemon soup, house md, house stark, house targaryen, how i met your mother, is it wednesday yet?, janet evanovich, jasper fforde, jimmy james, john crichton, jon snow, joshua jackson, katharine hepburn, kaylee frye, keen eddie, lee adama angsty manwhore, lee lee lee, lee/angst, lilly kane, mark valley, movies, mr. sark, music, newsradio, night's watch, omgsquee!, pacey witter, panties go *poof!*, reading, religions, ryan adams, sarah polley, sark, sarkgasm, scifi, serenity, sex and the city, simon tam, sleep, smimmy, snakes on a plane, speaking to your soul, stachebacks, stephanie plum, sue white, temeraire, texas hold 'em, the 4400, the middleman, the office, the west wing, thursday next, tom mcrae, trivia, tv, veronica mars, vm meta, waxing an owl, wee pilots, wes anderson, winter is coming, winterfell, writing
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